Global Performance Art Walks (2009-)

“This project brings together artists from around the world who regularly take to the streets to do walking performances.


To investigate the possible intersections between Performance Art and Walking, exploring the performative expressivity of the act of walking, considering the bipedal nomadism as a performance art itself.


Each walk is an open exploration in the public space. Could be a group or solo walk, in the city, in the woods or in the beach. The walk itself could be the central stimulus of the performative action, or the performative action -previously defined- could be the stimulus for the walk. Read the participation guidelines here.


Started in 2009 in Caracas, Venezuela, by the venezuelans performance artists Kevin Orellanes, Renny Barrios, Yosmaira Silva, Aidana Rico, Jose Leonardo Guaglianone, Julian Higuerey, Adriana Rondon, Ania Varez and Ignacio Perez.

Our initial motivation: take to the streets to perform collectively. After a first attempt stopped by the local police, we asked ourselves “how can we make performance on the streets within nothing that stop us?”. Our answer was simple: by walking. With this idea we returned to the street, initiating what we called “Performance Tours”. So, for several months, we toured the city of Caracas performing on sidewalks, traffic lights at intersections, in parks, squares, streets and avenues, using a very simple method: to walk a predefined route and experience each encounter spontaneously at every step.

In 2010 the project expanded worldwide inviting other performance artists from other regions to participate. Since then many artists have participated from South America and North America, Europe and Middle East. Currently we are a large and growing international community. Join us!

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