Selected Online Presentations:

  • Walking as ritual
  • Memory
  • Embodiment
    • See Walking Stumbling Limping Falling by Alyson Hallet and Phil Smith - discusses prostheses ~ waddling ~ Butoh ~ built-up shoes ~ walking in pain ~ bad legs ~ vertigo ~ falling (and fallen) places ~ hubris ~ bad walks ~ scores for falling down ~ ​walking carefully ~ disappointment.
  • Place


The way we walk is determined by:

  • Paths and signposts
  • A general suspicion of loiterers
  • Maps
  • Our tendency to pick a destination
  • Our habit of walking in straight lines
  • Property ownership and people's attachment to the idea of privacy
  • Our desire not to draw too much attention to ourselves
  • How our parents walked
  • What kind of shoes we're wearing
  • Our observation of where other people tend to walk
  • 'Keep off the grass' signs