Ghost Walk

John Schuerman - Ghost Walk

John Schuerman – Ghost Walk

Walk Credit: John Schuerman

Since the start of COVID here I’ve not been able to meet with any people or see my friends, same as everyone else. So, I decided that when I’d hear someone talk about a walk they took I would take the same walk and think about them, my friendship with them, what they might see or think about or feel on the walk. I call these ‘ghost walks’ because I’m walking with the ghost of another person. Naturally my own experience of the walk is dominant because I’m doing the walk, but I try to think about the person whose ghost I’m following.

So early this morning I took a friend’s walk from her house to Minnehaha falls then around the way to the slope, then along the creek to the river. River was high, bridge at the end of the creek flooded (pictured). At first I was cold so I walked fast, but I slowed down to match a more meditative approach to the walk that I imagined my friend had done, viewing the beauty, the solitude, the sounds of the rushing water, all toward a calm start to the day. etc. It is a nice way to stay connected, without the internet.