Exercise: Timed Touching

What Are We Doing?

You will archive textures you feel on a ten minute walk.

Why Are We Doing It?

The act of sensing and archiving textures will sharpen our observational skills. Sharing the archives will enhance our sense of community.

How Are We Doing It?

  1. Select a walking path that is about ten minutes long. Be mindful of safety – avoid walking where you don’t feel safe.
  2. As you walk, set a one-minute timer. After one minute, pause to observe the possible textures around you, and select one to feel and record. You can record the textures you encounter in any way that feels appropriate (audio recording, written notes, map making, photographs, videos, collected objects, etc.). Be specific and detailed as you archive. Repeat this exercise ten times (ten minutes total), using the timer to facilitate chance encounters along your route.
  3. When you return, arrange your archive in a way that you can share with others. Be ready to explain the textures and your archival choices.