Exercise: Smellscape Map

map of smells in Columbus

[image source]

What Are We Doing?

We will create a smell map of an area you are familiar with.

Why Are We Doing It?

The act of making the map will sharpen our observational skills. Sharing the map will enhance our sense of community.

How Are We Doing It?

  1. Select an area with at least three distinct smells to create a walking tour map.
  2. Go to the places where you remember the smells, and walk up and down the streets and paths, taking notes of where the smells are the strongest, time of day, wind direction, and any other factors that would affect a future walker’s experience.
  3. Now make your smell map. You could draw it by hand or use a tool like Google Maps. Either way, you will turn in a 8.5″x11″ PDF visually summarizing your map.
  4. We will combine all the PDFs into a group zine for distribution.

Further Resources / Examples

donut smells map

Esther Wu, “Doughnut Smellscape” [image source]