Exercise: Mushroom Hunting Walk

images of an open book featuring pics of John Cage and mushrooms

Interested in learning more about John Cage and mycology, check out this book set. (image above) or read this article.

What are we doing?

Go on a mushroom hunting walk. Mycology = study of mushrooms.

Why are we doing it?

Mushroom hunting builds skills in observation, and highlights chance encounters.

Also, John Cage taught a Mushroom Identification class on Sundays during summers and autumn at the New School from 1958-1960 (sometimes co-taught with Guy Nearing).

Credit: Waxman, Lori. Keep Walking Intently: The Ambulatory Art of the Surrealists, the Situationist International, and Fluxus. Sternberg Press, 2017. Page 220.

How are we doing it?

  1. Select a mushroom hunting app. Feel free to do further research.
  2. Find at least two mushrooms on your hunt.
  3. Do not trespass on private property and do not eat any of the mushrooms (be safe!) Even John Cage once landed in the hospital for accidentally eating a poisonous mushroom.