Exercise: Body-Gratitude Ritual Walk

Sandy foot steps

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

What are we doing?

We’ll be executing a sensory and gratitude-focused walk aimed at creating a wellness ritual focused on your body.

Why are we doing it?

This walk might at first feel less like art, and more like self-care, however in this challenging time of a pandemic and civil unrest, self-care can be a radical ritual performance to undertake. You might consider circumambulation, or other patterns of walking that we’ve studied so far.

How are we doing it?

Take this walk to focus on your body. Look for a place you’d feel safe walking barefoot.

Take your shoes off, feel the ground, dig your toes into the soil (if you can find any).

Listen to what your body is saying and respond to it. What is your body telling you? Breathe in. What do you smell? Feel the sunshine, wind, or rain on your skin. Look around you. Tell your body “thank you.”

As you walk, focus on your body and muscles, and thank your body for your ability to take this walk and participate in this experience.

This is a practice that can become a ritual or routine for your overall wellness, and appreciation for the things we can control in our lives. Let your body take you where it needs to for how ever long it needs (or in our case, about 30-minutes).

Upload an archive of your walk to this discussion board. Add some commentary so we understand what we’re looking at. You might add details of how you could make this a regular ritual.