Found Drawings

What are we doing?

We are going to find and document unintentional drawings while we walk. This could be any combination of found lines.

Why are we doing it?

We will practice close looking (focus and attention) with our environment as we document chance encounters.

How are we doing it?

Take a walk and keep an eye out for found drawings (lines in various arrangements). We are not interacting with any lines, just documenting interesting existing arrangements by capturing them with our cameras. It might take time to find something that interests us. Any camera is fine. We will then share our images online, creating a sharable gallery of our found drawings.

Reflection Questions

  1. Did you notice any trends in where people found their drawings?
  2. What types of lines were people attracted to?
  3. Was it easy or difficult to spot the drawing? Why?
  4. Depending on what you used to take photos, what role did the viewfinder (on a camera) or the rectangle of the phone screen play in creating the drawings?