Phone Collages

This exercise can be adapted in many ways. Here we will focus on signage, but you could substitute any subject to focus on.

What are we doing?

With a small group (3-6) start a walk at a single location and send everyone off in different directions with instruction to take photos on their phones of every sign they see. At a set time, everyone should turn around and return to the starting point. When everyone has returned, each person should take a moment to scroll through their photos, reviewing every photo they took. Next, go around the circle taking turns asking each other to find photos with something in common and document the group’s choices.

For example, one person might ask everyone to find their favorite photo of a sign on a post, and then that person would take a photo of everyone’s phones arranged with that image displayed.

The photo of all the phones together becomes a phone collage.

four phones displaying signs

Credit: Ellen Mueller

Another person might ask everyone to display their favorite sign with the colors blue and red:

four phones displaying blue and red signs

Credit: Suyao Tian

Another person might ask everyone to select the sign they think is the weirdest:

four phones displaying signs

Credit: Jordyn Brennan