Modern Menhirs


Large menhir located between Millstreet and Ballinagree, County Cork, Ireland

In Neolithic times, people erected menhirs, large stone markers in the landscape. These stones might have marked sacred sites, water, boundaries, property lines, ritual celebration locations, sacred paths, initiations, processions, games/contests, dances, theatrical/musical performances, locations of events, stories/myths, etc.

Propose a guide system of your own design sculpted into the landscape inspired by your observations and leading the traveler from one marker to the next. Consider this “a walk you will not make” and try to not let yourself be limited by time, materials, cost, etc.

Why is this a Walk I Will Not Make?

For practical reasons. It would be quite challenging to design and construct a menhir system in the context of this class (it would take more time and resources that we have available).