Fantastic Ritual

Trekking across snow

Image by aatlas from Pixabay

What are we doing?

You will journal about an imagined walking ritual.

Why are we doing it?

These are exercises in brainstorming and creativity. These proposed walking exercises (A Walk I Will Not Make), are thought-experiments we execute mentally/intellectually (we sketch or write/journal about them), but we do not execute them in real life due to some sort of restriction or other reason – perhaps geographical, ethical, monetary, length, scale, people involved, etc. Students are encouraged to think outside the limits one normally imposes on oneself (cost, time-period, scale, materials used, contexts involved, subject matter, gravity, etc.).

How are we doing it?

Think about your favorite rituals. What makes them your favorite? List those elements.

Next, configure a walking ritual that celebrates something/someone. You might incorporate elements from your favorite rituals.

Remember that you are not constrained by time/space/reality/etc (it can be truly fantastic!).