Sketchbook Guidelines

Our sketchbooks will be the basis of every project in this class.  The sketchbook should include thumbnail sketches, full page sketches, printed images, words, thoughts, ideas, and any other information that will assist you in developing strong drawings technically, formally, and conceptually.



no staples

(staples damage the other pages).

color source images

All entries (drawings, notes related to class, assignments, collected source material, etc) should be clearly and explicitly labeled with a description, dated and spray fixed (if using a fragile/smearable medium such as charcoal).

label pages

You can label your entries on the back or the front of the drawing (it is up to your preference).


correct media

take care

marker lines

don't be messy

neat handwriting

erase working lines


NOTE: Always work to fill your page – avoid putting a small image in the center of your page.  Also avoid letting things fall off the edges of your page.

spray seal

Failure to label and spray-fix entries will result in a lower grade.

invest time

wet media

writing clearly

one side only

Do not draw on the backsides of your pages – only draw on ONE SIDE of the paper.