Reading Report


  1. Perspective Terminology – Day 1 – Ellen (demonstration)
  2. Cubes – videos
  3. Constructing ellipses in 1 & 2 point perspective – Katie Wellman
  4. Inclined Planes – Logan Hunt
  5. Line Variation & Sensitivity – Michael Moore & Logan Darnell
  6. Sighting and Scaling – Juho Jung
  7. Principles of Composition – Eliza Smith & De’Andre Brown
  8. Intentions vs Results – Malik Brooks
  9. Critique and crit questions – Malcolm Barnes
  10. The Golden Section – Alicia Alderman
  11. Illusion of Space and Depth – Jada Bisset & Ali Mubarak
  12. Value Structures – Bri Coles & Brittany Wentz
  13. Figure – Jon Wyatt Stalnaker
  14. Portraiture – Allison Jones


Everyone in class will do 1 reading report over the course of the semester. We will usually start our class with a reading report before moving into demo and exercises. This report will consist of reading your assigned section (see schedule below), publishing an illustrated blog post, and doing a verbal presentation.


Grades for blog posts of reading reports will follow these criteria:

“Reading Report – ZZZZZ (Section Title)”
Example – “Reading Report – Sighting and the Use of a Sighting Stick”
 Body text of blog post
This will be a brief summary of the reading you were assigned
 Dimensions of images
At least 800px tall/wide when I save your image file and view it on my computer
 Image quality (sharpness, relevancy)
5 Good supplementary images (can be from the internet or scanned out of books, but nothing should be smaller than 500 X 500px)


In class you will do a brief (2-3 minutes) verbal presentation of the assigned reading. You will present 5 printed images and explain how they further explain/support the reading. You must be prepared with both the online and Word Document copies of your blog post in case the internet is not working.

  • Volume = 2pts
  • Speed = 2pts
  • Preparedness/Evidence of Practice = 4pts
  • Confidence = 2pts

Here is a link to the grade sheet I will use.