SB07: Negative Space

– With your black ink drawing pens, do 4 drawings focusing on negative space.

IMPORTANT: You cannot choose any object small enough to put on your page and trace, and then fill in the negative space.  For example,  you cannot draw the negative space around your shoe or a pair of scissors because either of these objects would fit on your page, and you could simply trace them, and then fill in the negative space.  If you do a small object like this, I will ask you to re-do the assignment.

– Each drawing should consist of one object.  Make sure that your drawing fills your page.
– Do not draw the object you have selected, but instead, draw the space around it.  Do not just draw the object the way you normally would, and then erase all the internal lines.  Instead, truly draw the shape of the negative spaces.
– NOTE: It helps to select objects with distinctive silhouettes.  It also helps to have a big fat black marker for filling in the negative space (rather than your super tiny markers).

Image Credit: Karen Wilcox