The evaluation and communication skills required of this assignment are not unfamiliar to most workplaces and hiring practices – consider being asked “what is your biggest weakness?” in an interview, or having to write a self-review at work. The reality is that these are extremely common scenarios and yet most people only encounter them within the workplace, so this assignment gives students to the opportunity to practice writing in the professional “voice” that is required for cover letters and resumes.


There will be a midterm and final portfolio check that consists of one-on-one meetings reviewing a collection of your best drawings from in-class activities through the midterm and final halves of the semester. Make sure you have used excellent craft on these drawings. We will lay them all out and look at them together.

Before we have this one-on-one meeting, you will complete a short answer self-reflection online to help prepare your thoughts on your portfolio (due 1 hour before start of class).


  1. best drawing from 1 point and 2 point perspective
  2. best hallway drawing
  3. best ellipses drawing
  4. best open boxes drawing
  5. 2 best gesture drawings (from the day we did scribble, mass, blind contour, etc)
  6. best stools still life (foreshortening)
  7. best line sensitivity/composition drawing (focusing on repetition, or density, or focus)
  8. best negative space drawing
  9. best depth drawing


  1. Best Blurry to sharp drawing in charcoal
  2. best golden rectangle drawing
  3. best depth awareness drawing
  4. best atmospheric perspective drawing
  5. best ink wash drawing
  6. best subtractive drawing
  7. best hatching drawing
  8. best figure drawing
  9. best portrait drawing

Review the craft checklist to make sure your drawings are in good shape for your portfolio review.