Required Reading:
Documenting Your Work

Why we’re doing this:
We will develop our professional skills by practicing digitally archiving our work. It is important to learn how to create effective high-quality photos because it will not only prepare us for the basic requirements of being an arts professional, it is also a skill that will help you in any field.

What’s required:

  1. We will do this once at midterm, and once at the final: Scan or photograph (I recommend scanning – it’s easier) all the pages in your sketchbook, AND photograph all the homework drawings. The files must be 300dpi and at least 7 inches on its short edge. If you are scanning, make sure the color settings are set correctly (do a test scan to see if it is working), or if you are photographing, make sure the lighting is even and/or that you are color-correcting in Photoshop. The images you submit must look like your original drawings.
  2. Be sure to crop the images to include only the drawing (no spiral bindings or space beyond the page). 
  3. You will upload your files to an album with YOUR FULL NAME on our class Flickr account (click the link to access Flickr).
    Username: drawingifall2015
    Password: drawing1
  4. All the pages from your sketchbook should be named as follows:
    (it starts with your last name in CAPS, then has a number)
    All the photos of your Homework Drawings should be named as follows:
    Use these same file names as the captions for your images.
  5. All documentation must be uploaded no later than 1 hour before the start of class on the day it is due.

Grading Criteria (20 points – visit link for details)


How to scan in the McCuskey Computer Lab:

  1. Open Photoshop
  2. Go to File > Import > EPSON Perfection 2400
  3. Make sure to scan at 300dpi
  4. Click Preview if necessary
5. Click Scan when you are ready to Scan


How to COMBINE multiple scans into a single image (if your sketchbook doesn’t fit nicely on the scanner):

  • Scan both halves of the drawing. Keep both files open.
  • Follow the directions in this video (it can take a little while to load):


I scanned this sketchbook page (this would get an “A”):
This is what the student turned in (this gets an “F”):

This image is poorly lit, poorly cropped, crooked, it has a date/time stamp (NEVER turn on your date/time stamp when documenting artwork).  Additionally, the file was mis-labeled.