HD02. Depth

Why we’re doing this:
We are working on our depth and illusion of space skills as a way of communicating our intentions.  We are also continuing to practice correct proportions and excellent composition.

Charcoal (either vine and/or compressed) on Drawing Paper pad: (18″ x 24″) at least 70lb, Acid-Free.  Ensure that it is properly spray sealed.

A line drawing (only minimal use of value) of objects (not images of objects – you must draw from life) related to the concept of “restriction” (can be what/who restricts us, what we use restrictions for, where we are restricted, etc…).  You must also depict depth and/or the illusion of space in some way within your composition.

PAGE 1 of Sketchbook:
– Find a minimum of 7 research images related to your thoughts on restriction, print them in color, and put them in your sketchbook.
– Find a minimum of 3 artists that work with restriction in some capacity, print images of their work (in color preferably), and put them in your sketchbook.

or all on one page: research by Sarah Ramey


These 10 images will serve as your source material and inspirations for this project.  Remember that you will NOT be drawing directly from these research images.  If you really like one of the images, you can re-create it with real-life objects (if possible).  For example, if you see a cool image of a soldier, you could recreate that scene by drawing an action figure of a soldier.  Otherwise, the images only serve to stir your imagination and bring new ideas to the front of your mind.  Be ready to discuss your choices and how it relates to the assignment – you have to justify everything.

PAGE 2 of Sketchbook:
– In your sketchbook, do 10 thumbnails of possible compositions of your selected objects.

Sam Whatley Thumbnails

PAGE 3,4, & 5 of Sketchbook:
– In your sketchbook, do full-page sketches of 3 of your strongest ideas from the thumbnails.
Sam Whatley Sketch1   Sam Whatley Sketch2   Sam Whatley Sketch3

– Present research and sketches to the class, and explain your ideas.

– Then, execute your best idea in charcoal on white drawing paper (18″ x 24″). Follow the grading criteria below as you complete your final drawing.


Grading criteria: