07. Textbook/Supplies

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Design Basics 3D by Roth, Richard; ISBN: 978-0495915782


Nearly all your supplies will be purchased using our course fee. However, you will be responsible for the following:

  • You must purchase a mouse for your laptop with right and left buttons and roller wheel (here’s a cheap one). We will use this when we learn to use SketchUp.
  • You will be ordering/paying for two 3D printed items on Shapeways.
  • You will scavenge cardboard for our wearables assignment – start collecting big sheets/boxes now
  • You will provide an object for molding/casting that you won’t worry about destroying (can be something from the dollar store – we’ll talk about this more during the assignment)
  • You will provide material to cast your object in (could be any of several materials: wax, chocolate, plaster, resin, butter, etc…)