02. Projects

Package Design/Paper

The purpose of packaging is to provide a visually appealing, interest arousing, marketing tool for a product. Remember that your product should pique the interest of a consumer and make them want to pick it up to find out more about your product. The assignment is to create packaging for a product of your choice, which is constructed […]

Clay - Subtractive/Additive

Clay is a long-established medium for 3D work. In this class we will be working with oil-based modeling clay. We will be creating 1/2 scale self-portrait busts. STEP 1: Take source images You will photograph your face from the front, side, and top. You will carefully measure your head in terms of width, height, and […]

04. Inflatables/Structural Integrity

This challenge is to create a three-dimensional, large scale (at least 6′ in one direction), inflatable sculpture using plastic sheeting (recommended 3, 4 or 6 mil. plastic sheeting available at Lowes or Walmart painting departments), an iron/packing tape and a box fan / small shop vac (blowing instead of vacuuming) / an outdoor vent (see Michael Rakowitz’s […]

Extra 3D Modeling & Printing - Surrealist Object

We will be using SketchUp to create a 3D model and printing it via Shapeways. Students will create a 3D model that draws on the history of Surrealism by combining elements of two disparate objects to highlight new, compelling, and possibly confusing relationships. The Museum of Modern Art describes Surrealist Objects and assemblage: Many Surrealist artists, especially […]

02. Hard/Soft Sculpture

OBJECTIVE: On this project, you have the choice of 1 of 3 different prompts: Create a sculptural interpretation of something you want, but you cannot have (for whatever reason – cost, location, etc) – be ready to explain your choices Create a sculptural interpretation of something you both love and hate – be ready to explain […]

Cardboard Wearable

MATERIALS/TOOLS: Cardboard, utility/xacto knife, hot glue gun, paper tape, ruler, and scissors (maybe sewing supplies or riveting supplies). Whatever you use to assemble the work, make sure that you don’t use it for decoration. The cardboard cannot be painted or colored by you in any way. OBJECTIVE: Create a cardboard sculpture that is placed on your body. […]

01. Molding/Casting

OBJECTIVE: Create a silicone push-mold of a part of your body [see above], and a multi-part mold of another object (this could be a plaster mold or a 3D printed mold if you like – see below). Create a sculpture by casting multiples from both of your molds and assembling them using any connection/adhesion process […]

03. 3D Modeling/Printing - Reliquary

We will be using SketchUp to create 3D models and printing them via Shapeways. Students will 3D model/print a miniature reliquary, which is a container for relics. Relics are typically the purported or actual physical remains of saints, such as bones, pieces of clothing, etc. In our case, you’re going to think of an object from […]