In-Class Exercises

Cardboard Manipulation

For this short assignment, you must demonstrate you can execute the following skills: Cutting Cardboard cleanly with a box cutter or xacto knife folding cardboard cleanly rolling cardboard uniformly laminate and cut out a form from cardboard (use craft glue) hot gluing cardboard sewing cardboard (use rivets) paper taping cardboard slot joints GRADING: .5 points […]

X-Acto Knife Work

Our first project involves a lot of paper cutting, and artists and designers use X-Acto knives (no scissors). Thus, we are going to practice our X-Acto skills. We will all execute this worksheet until we successfully complete it (expect to repeat the process many times over). For some, this version of the worksheet may be […]

Shapeways Test

We will all practice ordering an original item from Shapeways early in the semester to get the hang of using SketchUp for 3D printing. This will happen before doing our larger more complex project later in the semester. This object will showcase the SketchUp skills we have learned through January 27th. Make sure to check […]

Subtractive Clay Fruit

To warm up our clay manipulation skills, we will do a simple subtractive clay modeling exercise. STEP 1:  Photograph a fruit from front, side, and top. STEP 2: Create a bar/box shape of clay approximately the size of the piece of fruit – imagine the piece of fruit *just* perfectly fitting inside the box. STEP […]

Inflatable Platonic Solids

To practice making a simple inflatable before diving into our larger project, we will each execute one the 5 Platonic Solids of our choice in plastic sheeting and tape. As we learned at the beginning of the semester, a Platonic Solid is a 3D shape where each face is the same regular polygon, and the same number of […]