Field Trip

We will be taking a field trip to ExOne, an industrial 3D printer, in Pittsburgh Friday, Jan 20th. I will be happy to email your professors to request you be excused from class that day. Please be sure to send me their email addresses well before we leave on the trip.

WVWC will cover the cost of the van rental/gas. You may want to bring a snack/water with you, and some money to eat out if the group decides to do so.

Make sure you eat something for breakfast – this will be a long day.  We will spend approximately 1.5-2 hours at ExOne and you will be standing most of the time.  Be ready by wearing comfortable shoes and layers of clothing that you can easily take-off/put-on.  Listen and take notes during the tour.



9am – leave Buckhannon
11:30ish – arrive at ExOne
12noon – our tour begins
2pm-ish – finish tour, stop to eat something if the group wants, head back to Buckhannon


While we’re on our field trip, your assignment is to write a review of the visit. Imagine this writing will be published in a newspaper – you must include all the items listed in the grading section below. You have to have a good introduction and conclusion that makes readers want to continue reading.

If you’ve never read a review, check out old reviews on Glassblock, or Pittsburgh Articulate, or the New York Times.

The assignment will be due by 1 hour before the start of class on the Monday after the trip (everyone – whether you go on the trip or you do the alternative assignment).


  • Introduction/Conclusion
  • Answer Who/What/Where/Why/When/How in relation to your visit to ExOne.
  • Interview at least 3 different people who also went on the trip, and include their impressions in your written review noting how you agree or disagree with them.
  • Research ExOne and 3D printing online, and cite your findings in your review.


10-page (times new roman font, 12-point, double-space, 1-inch margins) research paper on one of the artists referenced in our textbook (no one can have the same person – consult with me to find out which ones have already been chosen).

You must find 6 sources in our library (books or database articles), 1 can be an online source. You must include a works cited (MLA format for citations). The paper must include no more than 1 page of biographical material. The remainder of the paper must explore the ideas put forth by the person you are researching, and you must relate those ideas to works of art. All reports will be submitted to SafeAssign to check for plagiarism (checks against everything on the internet, and all the papers ever submitted to SafeAssign).

To utilize this alternative assignment, you must tell me at least 2 weeks before the trip that you are not traveling with us in the van.