Artist Comparison Report

Select 2 artists mentioned in our textbook. No one in the class can select the same artist, so be ready with back-up choices. You will compare and contrast these two artists in a paper.

Rachel: Clause Oldenburg, Tom Friedman

Ashlyn: Gian Lorenzo, Pablo Picasso

Reno: Ron Mueck, Willard Wigan

Shawna: Edgar Degas and Jenny Holzer

Leah Baker: Portia Munson, Alexander Calder

Matt:Auguste Rodin, Jean Baptiste

Lea: Andy Warhol, William Wegman

Samantha: Sol Lewitt, Donald Judd

Tyler: Frank Lloyd Write, Garret Schroder

Katarina: August Saint-Gaudin, Richard Serra

Courtney: Henry Moore and Anish Kapoor

The WVWC Library offers information resources for students at all levels and all disciplines.  Library resources are a key component of academic success.  Google and Wikipedia as research tools will not lead to acceptable research assignments, papers, or presentations.  The library’s reference and instructional staff is available in person, by phone, by email, by text, and via reference chat on the library homepage to assist students with research inquiries.  If you are not familiar with using the library, please ask for assistance from the library’s personnel or visit the library homepage for assistance (

You must reference at least 4 books and 4 databases when you write this report.  You must bring the 4 books you used for your report to class on the day the report is due (this means you have to check them out from the library).  If you need help in the library, just ask!  They are super nice, and want to help you out!


  • Remember to always mark the titles of artworks with “quotes” or italics.
  • Also remember to refer to artists by their last names after your first reference to them by full name. Never refer to the artist by their first name only – you are not friends.

Your report must cover:

  1. Title, date, media and dimensions of at least one 3d artwork by each artist you are discussing. Remember to always mark the titles of works in italics or with quotes.
  2. You must include an IMAGE of each artwork mentioned, and you must credit that artwork.
  3. Discuss the subject/form/content of each work mentioned.
    Subject = The objects depicted in the work of art
    Form = HOW are the objects are depicted
    Content = the impact/meaning
  4. Discuss the formal elements/principles used in the works (reference your textbook for the elements/principles)
  5. Discuss the context.
    artists’ bios, the time/place each work was made, is the work part of a larger narrative?, is it part of an architectural setting that may or may not be present?, where was the work originally intended to be shown?, etc.

Form of the report:
– size 12 Times New Roman font, double spaced, minimum of 500 words
– put your name at the top of your report
– at the end of your report, create a works cited for the books/databases you used
– Submit the report on Canvas as a Microsoft Word document.

Databases at the library to check out:
– ArtStor
– Biography in Context
– Films on Demand
– Britannica
– Credo Reference
– Issues & Controversies
– JStor
– Oxford Art Online
– Pop Culture Universe
– Project Muse

[To access the library’s databases, log onto any on-campus computer, then go to the library homepage.  They have a link to databases on their homepage – this will take you to a big list that includes the ones I have listed here]

 GRADING  points
 at least 500 words  1
 Works Cited  4
 Name/Label at the top  1
 formatting (font/spacing)  1
 discuss context  5
 discuss elements/principles  4
 discuss subject/form/content  3
 Title, date, media and dimensions  1