Exhibition Receptions

You must attend every exhibition reception this semester. Additional required events may be announced after the start of the semester You will dedicate 1 page of your sketchbook to this assignment. Each time you attend an opening, Phil McCollam, the Gallery Manager, will ask you a question about the exhibit, and then stamp your sketchbook or give […]


Required Reading: Documenting Your Work Why we’re doing this: We will develop our professional skills by practicing digitally archiving our work. It is important to learn how to create effective high-quality photos and videos because it will not only prepare us for the basic requirements of being an arts professional, it is also a skill […]

03. SketchUp Quizzes

Throughout the semester, you watch a series of SketchUp tutorials and will create video screen-captures to demonstrate you can execute all the skills illustrated in the tutorials. You will use software of your choosing (a quick internet search will reveal many free screen recording tools): CamStudio (Windows), Screenflick (Mac), Quicktime (Mac), Jing, etc. You must narrate […]

Artist Comparison Report

Select 2 artists mentioned in our textbook. No one in the class can select the same artist, so be ready with back-up choices. You will compare and contrast these two artists in a paper. Rachel: Clause Oldenburg, Tom Friedman Ashlyn: Gian Lorenzo, Pablo Picasso Reno: Ron Mueck, Willard Wigan Shawna: Edgar Degas and Jenny Holzer […]

Field Trip

We will be taking a field trip to ExOne, an industrial 3D printer, in Pittsburgh Friday, Jan 20th. I will be happy to email your professors to request you be excused from class that day. Please be sure to send me their email addresses well before we leave on the trip. WVWC will cover the cost […]