SB05: Gloved Hand

Make 3 drawings of your hand (each on a separate page of your sketchbook).

In the first, limit the drawing to simple geometric forms such as the block and the cylinder. Show how these forms fit together in a simple manikin-like manner.

In the second drawing, analyze and simplify the forms of your hand into major and secondary planes, relying mainly on line and emphasizing straight-line drawing wherever strong curves are found. Where it becomes necessary to use value to clarify overlapping, use cross-contour or hatched lines.

In the third drawing, draw your gloved hand, stressing the tensions in the fabric produced by the hand’s position.  Try to emphasize how the drapery reveals the larger masses and actions of your covered hand. Here, you should clarify planes by using values where needed. This should be the most fully realized drawing of the three. Imagine that a sculptor will use your third drawing as a guide for a piece of sculpture. Ask yourself whether or not the sculptor could “read” every passage of the terrain in your drawing.