RQ08. Colored Pencils

In Drawing Essentials by Deborah Rockman, read the section on colored pencils (~pages 231-238), and answer the following questions on Canvas using complete sentences.

  1. What is lightfastness? What is a pencil extender for?
  2. Why would you need/want a lot of different colored pencils? Why might you use burnishing?
  3. What are 2 reasons you might use colored pencils? What are 2 disadvantages of using colored pencils?
  4. Describe the difference between textured and textureless colored pencil drawings.
  5. How can you create your own black (rather than using a black colored pencil)?
  6. Should you use hard or soft colored pencils first?
  7. Why might you use a paper with a stronger tooth?  How can you recreate the tooth of your paper?