Event Attendance

You must attend the exhibition receptions and special events this semester. Additional required events may be announced after the start of the semester.Each time you attend an event, I will ask you a question about the exhibit, and then give you a sticker. You will dedicate 1 page of your sketchbook to this assignment by collecting all your stickers on this page.

Remember that you do not have to stay the whole reception (unless there is an artist talk, in which case you must stay for the full talk) – you just have to spend some time checking out the work, answer the question, and then you’re done. These events are open to the public – feel free to bring anyone and everyone you like!
If you are unable to attend any of the events, instead of taking a zero, you can write a 3 page report on an artist I choose. It should briefly cover some biographical information and focus on how the artist works, what their subject matter is, etc. MLA format and citations are necessary. Your references should be from the library (books or databases), not the internet. You must turn in the paper by 5pm on the Friday after the reception (put it in my door-mailbox).


IMPORTANT: If you are in ADVANCED DRAWING, you must also write a professional review of one of the exhibitions this semester.

Your review should be about one page, single-spaced and printed for class. Reviews can take a variety of forms, but you should:

  • Describe the work in the show on more than a surface level – be specific! Instead of “some large portraits” you could say “several larger than life-sized portraits painted in soft pastel tones”.
  • Talk about what the work/exhibition seems to be about. What is the artist trying to say, and as importantly, how well do they accomplish this?
  • A review can be both positive and negative: what things about the show succeed, what does not?
  • What was your personal experience? This shouldn’t be “I like the show”, but if you had an interesting personal reaction, feel free to talk about that, or even use it to frame your review.