By the end of the semester, students must apply to at least 1 exhibition and 1 publication.  If the instructions for the exhibition/publication your choose require a hard copy application, you must provide me with a hard copy of all the application materials.  If the instructions require an email submission, you must bcc me on the application.

Exhibition – a physical show of artwork

Publication – a curated publication that sometimes includes artforms other than visual art (poetry, etc)


10 points per application (20 points total)


1.) Find an exhibition to apply to and a publication to apply to.  Here are helpful links:
Chicago Artists Resource
Altered Esthetics – they have a lot of calls, they hang salon-style, so you’re more likely to get in
Billboard Art Project – often, these calls are first-come-first-served
Glass Tire – Texas listings
4Culture – Seattle area (Minneapolis and Beyond) – exhibition opportunities
In Liquid – a listing of calls (some are specific to Philadelphia, but others are national/international)
Arts Council of Hillsborough County (Tampa and Beyond) – employment, fellowships, grants, scholarships, exhibition opportunities
NYFA Current – a site by the New York Foundation for the Arts lists a variety of artist opportunities.
Visual Art Source – you can sign up to receive calls for art (focused on the Western US)

Professional Artist – breaks down call by “no fee” and “with fee”
College Art Association – exhibition opportunities
Paul Shortt’s List
The Art List – a newsletter of art and photography competitions; full version is $10 per year subscription (a free version is also offered).
Monday News – based out of Berlin, this free newsletter covers open calls for festivals, exhibitions, conferences, residencies and many more.
E-Art Now
Call For… – they ONLY advertise calls withOUT fees!!

2.) Email the opportunity to me so I can say ‘yes’ or ‘keep looking’.  (Sometimes a call for art will not be worth your bother or is a scam).
3.)  Apply (bcc me on the application email, or if you’re mailing a hard-copy application, provide me with a copy of everything.

Most applications require an artist resume of some kind. Visit this link for direction on how to write your resume.


 Many applications require an artist statement. Visit this link for directions on how to write your artist statement.