RQ05: Oil Pastels

In Drawing Essentials by Deborah Rockman, read the section on working with oil pastels (~pages 247-255), and answer the following questions on Canvas using complete sentences.

  1. What did you learn about lightfastness in this reading?
  2. When would you wear gloves when working with oil pastels?
  3. Why would you use a solvent with oil pastels? Why might you use a surface with a stronger tooth?
  4. What are 2 reasons you might use oil pastels? What are 2 disadvantages of using oil pastels?
  5. What is one problem with working on raw paper with oil pastels?
  6. Describe the basic working procedure for oil pastels based on the reading. Why would you want to work hard to soft, or lean to fat?
  7. How should you treat areas of shadow? How should you treat areas that are well lit?