Why are we doing this?

  1. The portfolio meeting provides an opportunity to have a 1 on 1 discussion about your progress in the class and in the program as a whole.
  2. The portfolio reflection provides an opportunity to reflect on your progress and challenges. The evaluation and communication skills required of the assignment are not unfamiliar to most workplaces and hiring practices – consider being asked “what is your biggest weakness?” in an interview, or having to write a self-review at work. The reality is that these are extremely common scenarios and yet most people only encounter them within the workplace. Consider this assignment to be an opportunity to practice writing in the professional “voice” that is required for cover letters and resumes.


You will collect the indicated drawings for each portfolio AND wrap them in glassine paper(you may put 2-3 drawings in a single glassine packet):

MIDTERM [10 points, graded on craft & completeness (all required drawings are present)]
Your 10 best figure drawings

FINAL [10 points, graded on craft & completeness (all required drawings are present)]
Your 10 best drawings from the 2nd half of the semester (could be figure drawings, sketchbook drawings, or homework drawings)

You will complete the online reflection, which consists of the following questions [2 points each]:

  1. Describe the one strongest work and the one weakest work in your portfolio. How did you determine what work was “strong” and “weak”?
  2. Describe the easiest assignment to complete and the most difficult assignment to complete. What was the difference between an “easy” and “difficult” assignment?
  3. If you could redo any one piece in your portfolio, which would it be and why? What would you do differently?
  4. Reflect on what your portfolio may not reveal about the semester. Do you think the work in your portfolio is an accurate reflection of your development in the class?