Objective By the end of the semester, students must apply to at least 1 exhibition and 1 publication.  If the instructions for the exhibition/publication your choose require a hard copy application, you must provide me with a hard copy of all the application materials.  If the instructions require an email submission, you must bcc me […]

03. Artist Reports

You will do an Artist Report 4 times. (AR01, AR02, AR03, AR04) For each study unit, you will select an drawing artist from the list on the syllabus, OR if you have a non-listed drawing artist in mind, you may ask if you can select them for your report. It must be a primarily-drawing artist. You will […]

Documentation Online

Required Reading: Documenting Your Work Why we’re doing this: We will develop our professional skills by practicing digitally archiving our work. It is important to learn how to create effective high-quality photos because it will not only prepare us for the basic requirements of being an arts professional, it is also a skill that will […]

Field Trip

We will be taking a field trip to Cleveland, tentatively scheduled for Sat, Jan 14. The assignment will be due by 1 hour before the start of class on the Monday after the trip (everyone – whether you go on the trip or you do the alternative assignment). We will visit the Cleveland Museum of […]

Event Attendance

You must attend the exhibition receptions and special events this semester. Additional required events may be announced after the start of the semester.Each time you attend an event, I will ask you a question about the exhibit, and then give you a sticker. You will dedicate 1 page of your sketchbook to this assignment by collecting all your stickers […]

Our Exhibition

WHAT ARE WE DOING? We will be putting up an exhibition of our work. Install: _____, during class Reception: _____ De-Install: ______, during class WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? After you leave college, you will often have to organize and execute exhibitions on your own.  This project is excellent practice for the future. GRADING: 10 points for […]


Why are we doing this? The portfolio meeting provides an opportunity to have a 1 on 1 discussion about your progress in the class and in the program as a whole. The portfolio reflection provides an opportunity to reflect on your progress and challenges. The evaluation and communication skills required of the assignment are not unfamiliar […]

Artist Talks

At the end of the semester, everyone in the class will give a source presentation where they discuss their sources/influences and how that affects/compliments their style. It is important to gain awareness of the choices we make and why we make them. The source presentation is a great way to share your findings with your […]

Final - Animation

WHAT ARE WE DOING For our final, instead of doing another round of Copy/Synth/Morph, we are going to do an animation. – It will be a 10-second animation (most of the work will be completed in-class [78 frames – taking a photo every 5 minutes], but some will be out of class [42 frames] to […]

Self-Reflection Journal

From 1978-1981 Paul Thek taught at the Cooper Union School of Arts, New York. He prepared the following questions for an undergraduate seminar.  We will answer a selection of these questions over the course of the semester (a few each day in one of your moleskine journals). I will check the reflection journal a few times […]