SB05. Colored Pencil Color Wheel

On your second color wheel, you will use your colored pencils to make a 12-color color-wheel.  You can make the colors any shape you like (versus wedges and pie-shaped pieces).  Label all the colors outside of the shapes (like on the second color wheel pictured here).  Do not write on top of your color shapes.  Reference these video tips for using colored pencils, and next to your color wheel, write down 3 skills/techniques/approaches you learned from the videos and guides on this page that you’re trying to incorporate into your color wheel.

The shapes of your color wheel must tell a story.

Practice blending on a different sheet of paper before executing the colors on your color wheels. Be sure to spray seal the color wheels immediately after completing them to prevent smudging/flaking. Craft is the main factor in grading this assignment.

colored pencil wheel

colored pencil special effects techniques

colored pencil burnishing

colored pencil layering and blending

colored pencil hatching

colored pencil techniques