Video & Sound Tutorials

How to download YouTube videos:
Start with the Firefox browser and then add the YouTube downloader
You can also use KeepVid to capture videos on other sites.

Vimeo Video School
Video 101

  1. Choosing a Camera
  2. Shooting Basics
  3. Editing Basics
  4. Acting 101

GLOSSARY OF COMMON VIDEO TERMS – This is what we will have vocab quizzes on.


Doing More With Your DSLR

  1. Building a Rig
  2. Dolly1 (heavier duty – uses PVC pipe as tracks)
    Dolly2 (use your car)
    Dolly3 (use a rolling chair/wheel chair)
    Dolly4 (smaller slider – fits on desktop)
    Dolly5 (use your bike)
  3. Shoulder Rig 1 (~ $20)
    Shoulder Rig2 (~$40)
    Shoulder Rig 3 (not counter-weighted, ~$20)
    Shoulder Rig 4 (also doubles as a jib! ~$80)
  4. Tripods (tricks for unintended uses)
    Low Angles with Tripods
    Monopod Tricks (includes string stabilizer trick)
  5. Hand held rig (~$5 made of PVC and surrounds the camera)
    DIY SteadyCam (~$15)
    SteadyCam2 (using a tripod)
    Fig Rig (like a steering wheel for your camera)
  6. Jibs and CranesOliviaTech jib directions
    Shoulder Rig 4 (also doubles as a jib! ~$80)

  1. Mastering I.S.O.
  2. F-Stops and Aperture
  3. Working With Available Light
  4. Basic Lights
  5. Black and White Backgrounds
  6. Control the Sun with a Matte Box
  7. Intro to 3-Point Lighting
  8. Gels and Light Diffusion
  9. Lighting With a Bounce
  10. Paper Lantern Lighting
  11. White Balance
  12. Nighttime Shooting
  1. DSLR Video Importing and Conversion
  2. Natural Transitions for Storytelling
  3. Video Transitions
  4. J-Cuts & L-Cuts
  5. Using B-Roll
  6. Trimming the Fat
  7. Setting the Pace


Windows Movie Maker


  1. Intro to Audio with your DSLR
  2. Recording Sound for DSLR
  3. Capturing Good Sound
  4. Adding & Editing Music
  5. Storytelling With Sound
  6. Room Tone, Presence, Ambiance
  7. Capturing Good Sound
  8. The Wonders of Slating
  9. Intro to the Zoom H1