03. Final

Why are we doing this?

For our final, you will attempt to execute one of the “videos you will not make” that you developed over the course of the semester.

This will require problem-solving skills, as all of these video ideas were developed with the understanding that you would never be responsible for executing one of them. The original idea may change slightly so you can actually execute the video work.

This video work will showcase all of your video-shooting skills, video-editing skills, and your conceptualizing/planning skills. Be ready to explain your work in terms of subject/form/content/context.

How are we doing this?

  1. Select an idea from one of the “videos you will not make”. Develop a storyboard of thumbnail sketches to determine each shot of your video and sound work. Get your final idea approved before proceeding.
  2. Length is entirely dependent on your concept. Make sure to consider context.
  3. Shoot, and or collect, the footage and audio. Follow all the guidelines we’ve covered in class so far.
  4. Edit the video.
  5. Screening of the works will take place.

Things to consider as you plan

Think about the elements and principles of 4D art and design, and be sure to use these ideas to your advantage – explain your choices. Be ready to discuss your subject, form, content, and context.

Sounds cannot be music from a recognized band or source.


  • Ability to follow directions
  • Evidence of time investment
  • Creativity – did you push yourself?
  • Did you clearly consider subject/form/content/context?
  • Self-reflection