02. Projects

01. Documentary

Why are we doing this? We see documentary footage daily, whether it is on the news or in a full-length documentary film. It is important to be able to be critical of these works, so we can be informed citizens and artists. This project will also give us a chance to practice basic editing skills […]

02. Surveillance and Sound

Why are we doing this? In an increasingly surveilled/watched world (security cameras, GPS tracking, cell phones documenting events, webcams on personal computers, etc.) think about the border between the personal and the public. When are you being watched, and when are you not? When is surveillance useful, and when is it harmful? How do you alter/change […]

03. Final

Why are we doing this? For our final, you will attempt to execute one of the “videos you will not make” that you developed over the course of the semester. This will require problem-solving skills, as all of these video ideas were developed with the understanding that you would never be responsible for executing one […]