RA03. Some Elements & More History

Read Elements and Principles, Chapter 3. Return to the essay on the history of Video Art by Sylvia Martin posted in the “Files” section on Canvas.

  1. In Sylva Martin’s essay, there are several sub-headings:
    The 1960s
    Technology and Image
    The 1970s
    Body and Performance
    The Image of Woman
    Entering Intermedial Space
    Time Codes
    The 1980s
    Movie Video
    The 1990s
    In-between: Documentary Format and World Views
    Select two of these sections from this reading, and compare and contrast them. Find at least three similarities and three differences. Write in complete sentences.
  2. In Elements and Principles, do the exercise on page 109. Be ready to justify your decisions based on what we read in chapter 3.