03. Exhibits & Events

You must attend the exhibition receptions and special events this semester. Additional required events may be announced after the start of the semester.Each time you attend an event, I will ask you a question about the exhibit, and then give you a sticker. You will dedicate 1 page of your sketchbook to this assignment by collecting all your stickers […]

06. Documentation

All of our video works (and photos of installation-based video works) will be posted to our class Flickr account. Works must be posted in an album titled with your full name in this shared account (not your personal account) in order to receive any credit. Why we’re doing this: We will develop our professional skills by […]

04. Video Terms Quizzes

Visit full numbered list of Video Vocabulary Quiz 1: Words 1-25 on the vocab list Quiz 2: Words 26-50 on the vocab list Quiz 3: Words 51-75 on the vocab list Quiz 4: Words 76-101 on the vocab list Quiz 5: Cumulative (all words)  

05. Skills Tests

There will be 3 skills tests: one for setting up a DSLR camera to shooting video on the fly, one for setting up the Zoom H1 audio recorder, and one for Adobe Premiere (which has 2 parts).  The following  videos demo everything you need to know. These are the check-sheets that I will use to […]

07. Rig Building

Associated links: Building a Rig Dolly1 (heavier duty – uses PVC pipe as tracks) Dolly2 (use your car) Dolly3 (use a rolling chair/wheel chair) Dolly4 (smaller slider – fits on desktop) Dolly5 (use your bike) Shoulder Rig 1 (~ $20) Shoulder Rig 3 (not counter-weighted, ~$20) Shoulder Rig 4 (also doubles as a jib! ~$80) Tripods (tricks for unintended uses) Low Angles with Tripods Monopod Tricks (includes […]

08. Field Trip

We will be taking a field trip to Washington DC, tentatively scheduled for Friday, Feb 24. The accompanying assignment will be due by 1 hour before the start of class on the Monday after the trip (everyone – whether you go on the trip or you do the alternative assignment). We will visit the Hirshhorn Museum […]