06. Documentation

All of our video works (and photos of installation-based video works) will be posted to our class Flickr account. Works must be posted in an album titled with your full name in this shared account (not your personal account) in order to receive any credit.

Why we’re doing this:
We will develop our professional skills by practicing digitally archiving our work. It is important to learn how to create effective high-quality photos and videos. (this applies to working in any field)

Additionally for art and design majors, in your senior year, you will be required to create an online portfolio of all your work, and it is easier to take these photos/videos semester-by-semester instead of trying to document everything during your final semester of school.

What’s required

  1. All your files should be named as follows:
    (you can use any video file type that Flickr will allow you to upload)

    Use these same file names as the captions for your works.

Grading Criteria (20 points):

All projects are present in your folder titled with your full name (10pts)
lighting is good (3 pts)
colors are accurate (1 pts)
Image sharpness/shot in focus (2 pt)
Images are print-quality (300dpi) and not too tiny (at least 6″ wide/tall) (3pts)
correct file names (1 pt)