RA01. Components & History

Read Elements and Principles, Chapters 1. Read the essay on the history of Video Art by Sylvia Martin posted in the “Files” section on Canvas.

  1. Find an video artwork from the Sylvia Martin reading. Research it. Write an analysis of the video artwork in terms of (1) Subject, (2) Form, (3) Content, (4) Context.
  2. In Elements and Principles complete the exercise on page 22. (Remove an action from its stereotypical context, and place it in a totally different one, recording both instances on video. For example, take the action of preparing a cup of coffee in your home kitchen, and place it in a boat in the middle of a lake. How does context change the action? Compare and contrast your recordings with everyone in class.) Upload your video of your two clips to your personal YouTube or Vimeo channel. Paste a link in the quiz online.