Video Tutorials

Vimeo Video School
Video 101

  1. Choosing a Camera
  2. Shooting Basics
  3. Editing Basics
  4. Acting 101

Doing More With Your DSLR

  1. Building a Rig
  2. Dolly1 (heavier duty – uses PVC pipe as tracks)
    Dolly2 (use your car)
    Dolly3 (use a rolling chair/wheel chair)
    Dolly4 (smaller slider – fits on desktop)
    Dolly5 (use your bike)
  3. Shoulder Rig 1 (~ $20)
    Shoulder Rig2 (~$40)
    Shoulder Rig 3 (not counter-weighted, ~$20)
    Shoulder Rig 4 (also doubles as a jib! ~$80)
  4. Tripods (tricks for unintended uses)
    Low Angles with Tripods
    Monopod Tricks (includes string stabilizer trick)
  5. Hand held rig (~$5 made of PVC and surrounds the camera)
    DIY SteadyCam (~$15)
    SteadyCam2 (using a tripod)
    Fig Rig (like a steering wheel for your camera)
  6. Jibs and CranesOliviaTech jib directions
    Shoulder Rig 4 (also doubles as a jib! ~$80)

  1. Mastering I.S.O.
  2. F-Stops and Aperture
  3. Working With Available Light
  4. Basic Lights
  5. Black and White Backgrounds
  6. Control the Sun with a Matte Box
  7. Intro to 3-Point Lighting
  8. Gels and Light Diffusion
  9. Lighting With a Bounce
  10. Paper Lantern Lighting
  11. White Balance
  12. Nighttime Shooting
  1. DSLR Video Importing and Conversion
  2. Natural Transitions for Storytelling
  3. J-Cuts & L-Cuts
  4. Using B-Roll
  5. Trimming the Fat
  6. Setting the Pace


  1. Intro to Audio with your DSLR
  2. Recording Sound for DSLR
  3. Capturing Good Sound
  4. Adding & Editing Music
  5. Storytelling With Sound
  6. Room Tone, Presence, Ambiance
  7. Capturing Good Sound
  8. The Wonders of Slating
  9. Intro to the Zoom H1

Adobe Premiere


Windows Movie Maker