Artist Presentations (Library)

We will be giving public presentations on performance artists whose work intersects with gender at the WVWC Library on Wed, Nov 6, at 6:30pm.

You may select any performance artist we have or will touch on in class or in our readings.

Presentations must cover some biographical information, analyze at least 1 of the artist’s most relevant performances (relevant to the theme of our class) in terms of subject, form, content and context, and relate the artist and the performance to the larger context of performance art history.

The entire presentation should be accompanied by images that illustrate your talk. A PowerPoint presentation or Prezi will work well. You may also show a brief video (no more than 1 minute) to help illustrate your presentation, and the overall presentation will be no longer than 7-8 minutes long.

Biographical information – 2pts
Discuss subject of the performance – 2pts
Discuss form of the performance – 2pts
Discuss content of the performance – 2pts
Discuss context of the performance – 2pts
Quality of illustrations/video – 3pts
Presentation skills (loud clear voice, looking at audience, etc) – 3pts
Evidence of practice and preparation – 4pts

The WVWC Library offers information resources for students at all levels and all disciplines.  Library resources are a key component of academic success.  Google and Wikipedia as research tools will not lead to acceptable research assignments, papers, or presentations.  The library’s reference and instructional staff is available in person, by phone, by email, by text, and via reference chat on the library homepage to assist students with research inquiries.  If you are not familiar with using the library, please ask for assistance from the library’s personnel or visit the library homepage for assistance (