P04. Final Performance

Required Reading:

“What am I?”: Stories of the Self by Jayne Wark

Why we’re doing this:

Having experimented with a handful of archetypal gender-related performances, we will now create performances in line with your personal gender interests. Feel free to let these be shaped by what you’re reading, the conversations you’re having, and your day-to-day experiences. This performance allows more creative freedom, and gives another opportunity to practice written and verbal communication on the subject of performance art & gender.


Think about the wide variety of performances we have read about and watched over the course of the semester. What stands out to you? What ideas have these works sparked in your mind? Create your own performance dealing with gender in one way or another. What is the motivation behind your performance? What performance artists are influencing you? This performance asks you to take up these questions as you consider performance and gender. Be prepared to discuss these ideas in your artist statement and critique.

  1. Brainstorm ideas for your final performance in a sketchbook. Do research on your favorite ideas. You will present this brainstorming and research to the class for feedback.
  2. After selecting your idea, you will perform on your scheduled day. Feel free to engage the class or others as necessary.
  3. In addition to your performance, please prepare an artist’s statement for incorporation into, display alongside of, or distribution with your work. Your statement should consider the following questions:
  • What is this work about? (This is the idea, theme, message, or concept for your piece. Think of this as the thesis statement for your work.)
  • Why do you want to do this work? (This is your explanation of the importance of the work and what it means to you)
  • How will you do this work? What is it made of or out of? (This is how you envision the performance happening—medium/a, actions, texts, audience/performer relationship, etc.)
  • What do you want this work to do or accomplish? (This is the outcome or experience you anticipate for the work)
  • How does it relate to gender?

4. Make sure you have arranged for someone (probably someone else in the class) to document your performance (probably, though not necessarily via video and still photographs)

5. There will be a class critique of the performance.

6. After completing the performance, you will complete a self-analysis on Angel of elements/principles of design in the piece you performed.

  • Discuss your work in terms of the components of an artwork (subject/form/content/context)
  • How does the work engage with elements and principles of design continued from the study of 2 and 3 dimensional design such as balance, color, contrast, direction, reflection, repetition, scale, shape, value/brightness, and space?
  • How does the work engage with the elements of 4 dimensional design (architecture, topography, light, movement, sound, and time)?
  • How does the work engage with the principles of 4 dimensional design (causality, duration, energy dynamics/intensity, interactivity, musicality, simultaneity/juxtaposition, spatial relationships, speed, and transitions)?

7. Upload documentation of your performance to our YouTube Channel.


  • sketchbook planning – 2pts
  • artist statements – 3pts
  • completion of the performance – 4pts
  • self-analysis of elements/principles of design in the piece you performed – 8pts
  • participation in critique – 2pts
  • documentation quality and on-time upload – 2pts