08. Studio Maintenance

Students are expected to help maintain the studio spaces as clean, safe places to work. Please remember to return materials used in class to storage, to wipe off any paint, charcoal, etc. that might have gotten on tables, stools, easels, counters, and sinks. Remember to throw away all trash and to recycle all recyclables. Keeping the studio neat for fellow users is both courteous and part of learning to be an artist. The studio must be left clean when you leave. Faculty are responsible for monitoring studio usage so you may be asked to do something by a professor other than your own; please respond respectfully and promptly.

All shared supplies and tools must remain in the classroom at all times and should always be returned to the appropriate storage location at the end of class. In some cases, students may check out materials, but they must always notify faculty beforehand.

You may be assigned a shared storage space for the duration of this course. Aside from the contents of your space, students are expected to remove their personal materials from the studio at the end of each class period. This includes photographic, equipment, drawing pads, charcoal, etc. NOTE: All work left in the Art Department at the end of the semester will be discarded or recycled. Students need to pick up their work before the end of the semester, or make arrangements with their professor. The studios have very limited storage and only general supplies needed by faculty for classes may be stored.

Students should be aware that still life arrangements have been set up in various locations in the studios. Please do not disturb any still life unless specifically asked to do so by your professor. Please do not “borrow” items from other studios for your own work.