Exhibition Receptions

You must attend every exhibition reception this semester. You will dedicate 1 page of your sketchbook to this assignment. Each time you attend an opening, Phil McCollam, the Gallery Manager, will ask you a question about the exhibit, and then stamp your sketchbook.

Sage and Adam exhibit

Talk by Nic Persiger

Art21 screening

Installation Art Exhibit at the Corner Gallery

Remember that you do not have to stay the whole reception – you just have to spend some time checking out the work, ask Phil to stamp your sketchbook (he’ll ask you a question to see if you actually spent time in the gallery), and then you’re done. This is open to the public – feel free to bring anyone and everyone you like!
If you are unable to attend the receptions, instead of taking a zero on the assignment, you can write a 3 page report on an artist I choose. MLA format and citations are necessary. Your references should be from the library (books or databases), not the internet. You must turn in the paper by 5pm on the Friday after the opening (place it in my door-mailbox).