07. Final Painting

1. Go through your self-reflection journal and find a fact about yourself that you’d like to make a painting about.

2. Then, choose any painter represented in a book from our school library, and incorporate their style into an original observation-based painting (we’re not venturing into fully abstract painting this semester).

3. You will present a concise statement to the class explaining why you chose the artist you did and what you intend to incorporate from their style into your last painting.

— You should also tell us what personal fact you are trying to depict, although you do not need to get super specific if it is something too personal (for example, if you would like to address your personal belief that house-pets should be allowed to hold public office, but you are worried about sharing this idea publicly, then you can say, “This painting will represent some of my personal political beliefs.”)
— Do not just read your statement – you must practice talking about your ideas (not just reading your ideas).
— You must also bring the book in which you found the artist, and pass it around for other students to check out.
— No two students can use the same library book.

4. You will also turn in a copy of this statement. This statement MUST be TYPED and turned in when you do your presentation. No exceptions. It must be printed off (no emails) and handed to me by the deadline. I have to know that you have done the research and put some thought into this assignment BEFORE we start working. It doesn’t have to be long – just informative and relevant.

A few goals of this final assignment: 

  • Incorporate what you have learned so far. (practice working on a large surface, etc)
  • Learn how your chosen artist thinks/ translates thought into paint.
  • Go explore the painting books in the library
  • Practice presentation skills
  • And most importantly, learn how to balance the techniques that you have learned with meaningful content. “What do you care about the most?” – is a good question to ask yourself when deciding what it is you want to paint. This must be balanced with painterly skill.

Incorporating style? 

  • You can figure out what makes their style unique and then paint the same way.
  • You can take a piece of their painting and add it to your painting.
  • You can take a piece of your work and add it into their painting.
  • You can paint the same subject matter that your chosen artist is known for painting and do your own version of it.

-The work has to be based on some form of illusionistic space – no abstract expressionism. It needs to be some form of realism. (take note of the grade sheet and how you will be judged)
-Nothing smaller than 18×24
-Use whatever method you see appropriate: grid, photograph, from life, projection, or any combination you want.

View Grade Sheet HERE