Mark-Making Archive


What are we doing?

Please try following these directions (also known as a “score”) for a walk  – you’ll need paper and a mark-making tool (pen, pencil, crayon, etc.). This walk was written by Wayne Koestenbaum.

Why are we doing it?

Previously during class, we did a walk we were familiar with. This walk gives us a chance to follow someone else’s directions. Also, with the mark-making, we’ll be exploring another mode of archiving a walk.

How are we doing it?

Please read Wayne Koestenbaum’s directions for this walk on pages 108-109 of Prompts for Participatory Walks by Todd Shalom. He states:

  • Make an identity mark — a mark that signifies your identity or attests to your existence.
  • Find an event on the ground, and acknowledge it with a mark.
  • Find an event on a wall or building surface, and acknowledge it with a mark.
  • Find two events juxtaposed, and interpret the juxtaposition.
  • Close your eyes, experience the air, the temperature, and then make a mark to acknowledge this atmosphere.

Please post an image of your marks, along with a short reflection (a couple sentences is fine – if you want to write more, please feel free).