Memory Walk

What are we doing?

You will journal about a walk you remember.

Why are we doing it?

These are exercises in brainstorming and creativity. These proposed walking exercises (A Walk I Will Not Make), are thought-experiments we execute mentally/intellectually (we sketch or write/journal about them), but we do not execute them in real life due to some sort of restriction or other reason – perhaps geographical, ethical, monetary, length, scale, people involved, etc. Students are encouraged to think outside the limits one normally imposes on oneself (cost, time-period, scale, materials used, contexts involved, subject matter, gravity, etc.).

How are we doing it?

Think about a walk you remember from childhood. Why do you remember this walk? List as much detail as possible about the walk: length, time of day, were you alone or with others? what were you wearing?, where were you?, etc.

Next, try to write a score (a set of directions) to instruct someone else to go on the same walk.

Remember that you are not constrained by time/space/reality/etc (it can be truly fantastic! time travel is on the table, and more).