01. Course Description

West Virginia Wesleyan College // School of Fine Arts & Humanities
Department of Art
Spring Term 2014 // Painting II/Adv // ART212 & ART320
Classroom: McCuskey Room 108

Section 1: Tue/Thu Noon-2:30

Professor: Ellen Mueller // Office: McCuskey Room 105
Office Hours: Tue/Thu, 2:30-5:00pm & by appointment
Email: mueller_e@wvwc.edu


This course will focus on developing and refining our understanding of first world problems through the medium of painting. Students will practice analysis and rendering of various styles through the use of oil paint. We will build on previous study of the elements and principles of design, and composition.

Students will gain basic knowledge and understanding of a wide range of social concerns including gender, class, race, ability, capitalism, etc. They will also gain exposure to a variety of new skills including building stretchers/panels, etc.

Through sketchbook assignments, students will practice the skills of seeing, analyzing, replicating, combining, and morphing painting styles.

Students will develop a cursory understanding of their own sources and influences by brainstorming, researching and presenting their findings on the subject.

Students will practice identifying and utilizing the elements and principles of design.

Students will gain enhanced fluency in visual language and the ability to use that language, both written and oral, in their personal drawing practice and public critique.

Students will strengthen their ability to form creative ideas through conceptual assignments.

Students will strengthen awareness of the historical context of this medium by looking at both historical and contemporary artists as frames of reference for their practice.

Students will begin to learn the professional practices of an artist in terms of documenting their work and self-discipline to complete all work in a timely fashion. Students will practice taking photos and scans of the works, turning in a documentation disk of all their work at the end of the semester. Students will also prepare for and complete an exhibition of their work in a gallery setting.