Mural Project (Clients)

Why are we doing this?
When you graduate with an Art Degree, you are virtually guaranteed that someone will assume you are a master at mural painting (all Art Majors are great large-scale painters, right!?). This project is a chance to practice those skills and get used to client relations (you have clients? what a great first world problem to have!).

These murals must display an interesting composition and effective use of your assigned space (review your elements and principles of design).  Additionally, we will practice working with a client, and your mural must also reach a compromise that the client is happy with. Beyond these aesthetic requirements, you will also have to manage a budget, a timeline, and all communications with your client. Your client will be asked to evaluate you at the end of your project (therefore, be professional).

1. Everyone will be assigned a wall space/client. Students will then contact the client (cc Ellen on this email) to discuss the project and establish guidelines (subject matter, exact space, color[s], etc).

2. Everyone will create a proposal for their wall, which must be approved by their client. The proposal must include:
– A large clean sketch of the proposed mural
– An explanation of how it fits the client’s needs/theme of the building.
– A budget (calculate how much paint, brushes, drop-clothes, rollers, paint dish, sand paper, dust masks, masking tape, etc.)
– A timeline (When you expect to finish based on the times you can paint. Establish the times you will work on the mural, and let the client know when you will be done. Calculate your time honestly – it’s better to over estimate and finish early than it is to go over schedule.)
– You must combine a photo/scan of your sketch and the typed explanation into a PDF that you can send to the client and myself via email.
***Be sure to CC Ellen on this email to receive credit for your proposal.

3. Based on your budget estimations, you will purchase the correct amount of paint and other supplies you need. Note: some clients will want to purchase the supplies and give them to you, while others will want you to purchase the supplies and reimburse you – make sure you are clear on their preference before buying anything. Also, do not purchase anything until the client has approved the plans for the mural.

4. Verify the times you will work on the mural, and then get to work! You will transfer your mural design to the wall using either a projection or a grid system. Then you will paint the mural.

6. Make sure the space is absolutely spotless and clean when you leave. This step is vital to client relations.

7. We will be giving mural tours on April 29th. Each artist or artist-pair must provide a statement for others to read in preparation for the tours.

Grading Criteria

5pt – Quality of correspondence/proposal with your client (bcc me on all correspondence)
5pt – Craft (how well did you paint?)
5pt – How does your painting relate to the context/location?
5pt – Quality of the overall composition
5pt – creativity/originality (have you thought outside the box?)
3pt – Mural tour

1. A panel mural for the library (~$50); Elaine/Caroline

2. Art Department Women’s Bathroom (~$50); Shawna/Marissa

3. Dance Studio; Contact: Gretchen Moore (~$150) Tilly

dance_studio1 dance_studio2

4. 2 panels for the classroom in the Library; Contact: Paula McGrew (~$150) Courtney/Rachel 

5. Wall at Analog Entertainment downtown. (budget TBA) Mariah

6. Crystal doing mural for senior project (location TBA)