04. 1st World vs. 3rd World

  1. Write a 1000 word research report on a third world problem of your choosing, although you cannot do the same problem as anyone else in the class [ideas: sanitation, AIDS, clean drinking water, NGOs, Voluntourism, childbirth, hunger, shelter, electricity, human trafficking, agriculture/irrigation, sweatshops]. You must cite at least 4 sources that come from the WVWC library (books or databases). The report must explore the history of the problem, attempted solutions, and the possible future of the problem. Submit the report via Blackboard.
  2. Go through all your daily sketches from your White Whine reflections and select one to contrast with your research subject.
  3. Make a painting that contrasts the two any way you like.

NOTE: The following subjects have been claimed…

Crystal – childbirth
Elaine – NGOs
Caroline – Malaria
Rachel – AIDS
Marissa – sweatshops
Courtney – clean drinking water
Mariah – global warming
Tilly – education

Grading Criteria

For the Paper:

 GRADING  points
 at least 1000 words  1
 Works Cited  4
 Name/Label at the top of the report  1
 formatting (size 12 Times New Roman font, double spaced)  1
 discuss history of the problem  3
 discuss attempted solutions  4
 discuss future of the issue (predictions, likelihoods, etc)  1

For the Painting:

View Grade Sheet HERE (same as our figure painting grade sheets, and our Painting I grade sheets)