Ellen Mueller

Teaching Portfolio


“Collecting Rectangles Series” (2015), digital video, 03:37 minutes

“Chief Resource Management Officer Series: Brushing” (2014), digital video, 01:43 min

“Chief Resource Management Officer Series: Seaweed” (2014), digital video, 01:20 min

“Monotonize Series: Snow” (2013), digital video, 01:10 min

“Monotonize Series: Mountain Top” (2013), digital video, 01:48 min

“Manifest Destiny III” (2012), digital video, 04:26 min

This body of work examines McMansions, the large ostentatious modern houses that are cheaply built and are often considered lacking in architectural integrity. Through this subject matter, I focus on excessive consumer culture by putting visual emphasis on the wide array of standard and novelty rooms one might find in these homes.

Synergism is an in-progress 3D print-on-demand sculptural street art project. Each cluster of office-related objects is designed to fit into corner-shaped spaces. Participants are encouraged to print these subtle sculptures, and install them on office buildings they feel could spontaneously start leaking bureaucracy (DMVs, corporate headquarters, office parks, etc).